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    The term BIOPHILIA expresses “love of life or living systems” and suggest the existence of intuitive bond between human beings and the rest of live. It was proposed the possibility that the deep affiliations humans have with other life forms and nature as a whole are rooted in our biology.

    Biophilia puts emphasis on the psychological aspects of human functioning, which also seems to be important in rehabilitation and physiotherapy. That is underlined by the known fact that pro-active, i.e., motivated attitude toward repeated rehabilitation efforts on the part of all involved in the process, both rehabilitants and rehabilitators, is required to achieve the goal. Rehabilitation is a broad and varied area of medical activities and nowadays is understood not only as improvement or repair of lost physical functions due to diseases, but also as part of specific treatment, prophylaxis, or antiaging strategies, not least an enhancer of the executive-control brain functions.

    The International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy aims at contributing to the stability of the people’s life and welfare improvement, for Japanese, and all the human beings that were allowed longevity. Its motive is to realize a society that can confirm dignity even if they are elderly and disabled, can be independent lives from the care-reliance, and at the same time, increases a healthy life expectancy of those, by the diffusion of Biophilia Rehabilitation. The research of International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy consists of the motivative exercise and rehabilitation methods for elderly with disabilities.

    The 14th IBRC aims to bridge that gap between rehabilitation professionals? and rehabilitated subjects? perception of the need for physical rehabilitation in various ill conditions. Another objective would be to uphold the healthy status in all too often sedentary style of life, let alone the process of normal aging. Participating in the Biophilia Academy meetings you share your wisdom and keep up with the latest in basic and clinical aspects and innovations in rehabilitation medicine. You wise up to today?s trends in clinical practice and patient care. The IBRCs tend to bring up educational and practical issues of high quality to the participants.

    The workshop affiliated with the IBRC 2017 will address rehabilitation practices across different countries and hopefully will provide some guidelines for best practice for rehabilitators of training programs.